About us


My career started with an apprenticeship with Fredrick Donnelly in London. With my passion for craftsmanship realised, at the age of sixteen I enrolled at the Hammersmith College of Art and Building. By the end of my first year I was nominated their best student and went on to win a top award from the London Apprentice Board.


Some 29 years ago I made the decision to start Alban Interiors with the aim to create beautiful pieces of hand crafted Furniture.

It has been a long journey but now with my eldest son Daniel working alongside me I feel we have one of the most talented teams this craft has to offer.


Our relatively small set-up is no reflection on the size of commissions we have undertaken. (We have recently made a Victorian style Dining Table in English

Brown Oak that extends from 7`0" to 14`0"x 4`0" wide using traditional methods in the construction).

We have worked in large Houses and Cottages alike and our excellent reputation is based on Knowledge, Experience, Attention to Detail and a fine sense of the Aesthetic.

For examples of our recent work, go to our Portfolio page.